2017 GITTER live @ Spotter Trip, Live Art Festival on the danube by "Die Fabrikanten".
camera: Elisa Unger, Parisa Ghasemi
edit: Elisa Unger, parolefilm.com

INFO: english deutsch

Gitter is a new music project from Austria and marks the beginning of the artistic collaboration between Anatol Bogendorfer and Jens Vetter. In autumn 2017, Gitter made its debut on a one-hour boat trip during the Spotter Trip festival, where they created a floating concert hall and interfered with the realities of space, time and movement by means of sound.

They will continue to intensively explore this potential of art and music in the near future. The work of Gitter with the medium sound is based on experiment, narration and dramaturgy. With the help of modular and algorithmic sound synthesis, live coding and processed field recordings, they produce a kind of artistic condensation of the moment, oscillating between the counterpoints of nature and artificiality. As a result, this approach leads to a mixture of radical noise and sheer beauty. Live on stage, this set-up aims above all at an intensive musical experience. Whether club, museum or art festival - it's about nothing less than purification of the senses, when musical interventions transform familiar surroundings and put the present moment into an exciting new light.